Wednesday, September 07, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons Why Nintendo Are Not A Failed Company

A podcasting first, someone presents the whole show whilst battling hiccups. We apologise not only for Jons contribution to the bad sound quality, not only for Jons repetition of the word 'rubbish' but for Jons treatment to Chris from Felixstowe. Chris sent this wonderful list defending a dying company to, and we would love to hear more from him soon:-

  • 10 – The Rumble Pack
  • 9 – The D-Pad
  • 8 – Wireless Control Pads
  • 7 – The Analogue Stick
  • 6 – Mascots
  • 5 – Pokemon
  • 4 – The Gameboy
  • 3 - Profit on consoles
  • 2 – The DS
  • 1 – The Playstation


Bazza said...

Very funny. Looks like making a podcast is a good cure for hiccups then. :)

Personally I've never been that interested in games consoles though, I do play games it's usually on my pc or my mobile. The game I play the most at the moment is iSketch online.

PH said...

Fun show (hiccups and all).
The D in D-pad is Direction (logical).
Nintendo have it sewn up for portable gaming.
Despite having inferior hardware, they have held on to the marketplace.
Clearly the software and their marketing is key.
GameGear was way better than GameBoy (I know, I wrote 5 high selling games for GG). need to take that back about the DS. Again, maybe the PSP has better hardware, but the software that the Big N has out is actually worth owning (unlike the sad line up for PSP).
I would love to go and buy a PSP. As soon as Sony puts out some decent software I might just do that. For now, I have already plumped down some dosh for a couple of DS systems for the kids. Plenty of quality software for DS (Nintendogs, for example).
Animal Crossing, great game for Game Cube. We were addicted to it some time ago when it came out (coming out for DS soon too).
We (Heart) Katamari (follow up to Katamari Damacy is coming out soon too, for the PS2. However, as far as I know, UK players are sol on that. I asked my mate, Chaz, he said no sign of it. I loved it so much I wrote to the president of Namco. I have never felt like doing that for any other game ever. Anyone with a PS2 should own Katamari Damacy, it is a system seller.
Got all three current systems. All have their strengths, but PS2 is hands down the winner because of the games.
Holding off on Xbox 360 because of pricing. PS3 is a certainty. I could go on and on. Got to stop :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to this particular show yet, and I am no gamer, due to having a massive work schedule (comes of being self-employed in a tinpot country!), but when I do find time I do some serious Flight Simulator 2004 flying on 737s and Airbus jets... Yep, a wannabe-but-never-will-be pilot... ;-) That said, I can't wait to hear all these hiccups on the show - it is, to a large extent, what comes between the actual lists that makes Jon and Rob so good to listen to. Hiccups'n'all...

Bazza said...

Nothing to do with the show, but I was bidding the soundtrack for Flight Of The Navigator this evening and it finally sold for £102. I gave up after £61. Been wanting it for about 10 years now.

Top Of The Pods said...

£102 for that? Bazza - you have too much time and money on your hands!

Bazza said...

I didn't win it, I'm not willing to pay quite that much.

PH said...

If anyone wants somewhere else to vote :-)

Bazza said...

Voted. :)

Have you noticed there's a podcast on there, also called top of the pods? It's appear to a be German one.

Sam Smith said...

ya top sehn listen!

good list, but nintendo are rubbish compared to sony microsoft and sega.

Anonymous said...

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