Wednesday, September 07, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons Why Nintendo Are Not A Failed Company

A podcasting first, someone presents the whole show whilst battling hiccups. We apologise not only for Jons contribution to the bad sound quality, not only for Jons repetition of the word 'rubbish' but for Jons treatment to Chris from Felixstowe. Chris sent this wonderful list defending a dying company to, and we would love to hear more from him soon:-

  • 10 – The Rumble Pack
  • 9 – The D-Pad
  • 8 – Wireless Control Pads
  • 7 – The Analogue Stick
  • 6 – Mascots
  • 5 – Pokemon
  • 4 – The Gameboy
  • 3 - Profit on consoles
  • 2 – The DS
  • 1 – The Playstation


Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to this particular show yet, and I am no gamer, due to having a massive work schedule (comes of being self-employed in a tinpot country!), but when I do find time I do some serious Flight Simulator 2004 flying on 737s and Airbus jets... Yep, a wannabe-but-never-will-be pilot... ;-) That said, I can't wait to hear all these hiccups on the show - it is, to a large extent, what comes between the actual lists that makes Jon and Rob so good to listen to. Hiccups'n'all...

Top Of The Pods said...

£102 for that? Bazza - you have too much time and money on your hands!

Sam Smith said...

ya top sehn listen!

good list, but nintendo are rubbish compared to sony microsoft and sega.