Friday, September 02, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Jon And Robs Endearing Foibles

We don't know know what they are, but we have been told we have them, and they are endearing. Here is the list for

  • 10 – Bad singing
  • 9 – Jon waffling
  • 8 – Jons laugh
  • 7 – Robs time and bandwidth obsession
  • 6 – Robs Pocket PC
  • 5 – Jon and Isreal
  • 4 – 1980's retro fondness
  • 3 - Brit culture explaining
  • 2 – Ignorance
  • 1 – Protecting the family
We also mentioned - but couldn't find a coupon code - recommended for PDA and phone gear.


Anonymous said...

Honey Bunny.......thanks for introducing me to the world of Podcasts............How wonderful to have your dulcit tones grace my airwaves! Thought your broadcast was great....and yes you do waffle but you made me laugh so waffle away! Your both fab.......i think i'm now hooked, can't wait until monday.....take care babes...hugs dizz xxxx

Sam Smith said...

the waffle makes TOTP funny! jon going on about israel is more than i learn in geography...

Sam Smith said...

voted and all that jazz.mind you, TOTP is cult classic, not best seller (btw, streets refrence):).

Anonymous said...

Keep the waffle and general ignorance, that's what makes the show entertaining.
Show length isn't an issue either 30-35mins is fine by me (More time for waffling).
I just wish you would drop the bitrate down to 32kbps for those of us stuck with dial-up connections.

P.S. Give us some more of your scripts.

Sam Smith said...

its a pain with iTunes, but cant you do both? the shows quick for me thanks for bt broadband :-/

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for doing my list. I laughed out loud on the bus, which was rather embarassing.

For the record, everything I mentioned in the list were things which I love about the show and which make me keep on listening - please keep the waffling etc. going!

Gobbob said...

Great show

Anonymous said...

Very funny as usual guys. Like others the waffle and chit chat is an important part of the show. 30 min shows (or thereabouts) is also fine by me, no problem.

Steve HK

Anonymous said...

Hi there - you do a really good show - it's definitle the chatting/waffling in between that makes the show - concerning the length it's no problem if you do longer shows.


Anonymous said...

Really funny show again. I do worry about Roberto sometimes; admitting to only having genuinely laughed twice EVER in all of the TOTP shows ?! I think Jon should start spiking Rob's tea with happy pills. Anyone who doesn't pee themselves at some of Jon's quips and laugh-fests needs a bit of serious help ;-)

I agree with the others who said that they don't mind 30 min shows. You've done some where you cut off the banter just as it starts, so that you can keep the time down. Doing that loses some of the spontaneous fun and the genuine laughs caused by the crazy direction the discussions take away from the subject. Just look at Billy Connolly [Rob passes out at the thought of so much swearing in a concentrated period !!] who veers way off-topic, much hilarity ensues, and he eventually works his way back.

If it works for him....

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bazza about Si's request to drop the bitrate; NO !!!

I almost couldn't listen to the shows when you dropped to 32kbps. It was like stepping back 30 years and trying to listen on an old pocket tranny with a single earpiece.

Had I not been a regular listener before that, I probably wouldn't have bothered listening again as it sounded so cheap and horrible. The content might be good, but if the sound quality offends the ears, you'll lose listeners.

Top Of The Pods said...

Sorry, both a little busy last night to record but we are getting together tonight to bring you a show for this evening.

What kind of show does everyone want? Geeky / film / music / entertainment / 80's - take your pick or suggest a new one - we have either got a listener list or we'll have to write one! Put your ideas in the comments section.


Sam Smith said...

top 10

shoe brands
mp3 players

just a random one, im in for a laught tonight!

Anonymous said...

One for Rob - Top Ten Ladies who he'd NEVER want to hear fart... ;-P

Anonymous said...

Heh, bazza - let other listeteners get their lists in!

Good to have shows back again, looking forward to tonight's. Don't mind what kind of list it is!

Sam Smith said...

is the 'other podcast' going to be an 'adult' one? when are we going to find out?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the waffle and off-topic rambling boys, that's what we love you for.

The difference between a weakness and an eccentricity is the amount of money you earn (i.e. if you're rich your peculiar behaviour is considered eccentric, if you're not it's considered a weakness or annoying or plain nuts).

As far as listening to the whole show...I don't time it...if a show isn't finished when I get to work I pause and finish listening later on...I don't time my listening and don't really care if you go 20 or 30 minutes

Luv ya :)