Thursday, September 08, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten White Lies

Good old Giles from Australia loves telling fibs, purely to keep relationships going (Mrs Giles beware...). Here is his top ten list of white lies, we'd like you all to admit to how many you are guilty off on the comments board:-

  • 10 – Age
  • 9 – Does my bum look big in this?
  • 8 – Do you know the way?
  • 7 – Do you like the present?
  • 6 – Partner’s friends/parents
  • 5 – The new kid looks beautiful
  • 4 – Do you like my new hair cut?
  • 3 - Technical knowledge
  • 2 – The Resume
  • 1 – How much longer till you’re ready?

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Anonymous said...

I just spat a mouthfull of g&t over myself when I heard the number one.... After having my mind go down the same line as Jon's was (I assume) and then it was read out : "How much longer 'till you're ready"

I really need my mind washed out with soap..... ;-)


usbrit said...

The IEEE (Eye-triple-E) is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 365,000 individual members in approximately 150countries. The full name is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., although the organization is most popularly known and referred
to by the letters I-E-E-E.

There you go....

Anonymous said...

So, Rob, if you go down to the supermarket, does your GPS show you where the tinned mushrooms are? ;-)

I once tried to palm myself off as being about ten years younger than I am (I am 42, but act like I am 12...) Last summer I started teaching English to two girls who my girlfriend had already been teaching French to for a few years, so naturally enough the girls (girls being girls) tried to pump her for information about their new English teacher... When they wanted to know how old I was, Christina refused to tell them and said they should ask me. On hearing this, I scanned my passport details page and then moved some of the numbers down from the passport number to cover the 1963 date of birth field on it with the numbers 1972, and then printed it off... This, I thought, will be rock solid! Anyway, when these two girls eventually plucked up the courage to ask me my age, I said I was 33. Because Greeks are a little "old school" in terms of age differences in relationships where the woman outstrips the man in years and as they both knew Christina to be 42, they both looked a little shocked, so I said "What's up? Don't you believe me?" In Greece it is always important to have all personal documents in original or photocopy form for pretty much any dealings with banks, government offices and so on, so for the two girls it was only to be expected when I said: "I have got a photocopy of my passport here" and proceeded to whip the dicey passport copy printout out from under a pile of papers... The one girl looked at it and accepted it - the other one piped up "You could have scanned your passport and changed it...!" Scuppered an inch from victory, grrrr! :-)

Another great show, lads - laugherama as per usual! :-)

Sam Smith said...

whats happened to the scetches? jewnews?