Friday, September 30, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Worst Places To Use The Toilet

We've beeped everything out of this show that made any sense, so as not to rule out any potential sponsorship from Disney. This show really went down the pan after we started reading out Jeremys' list about 10 places not to use the toilet:-

  • 10 - Shopping mall
  • 9 - Concert
  • 8 - Work
  • 7 - New girlfriends
  • 6 - Airplane
  • 5 - Outdoors
  • 4 - Airport
  • 3 - Ballpark
  • 2 - Bar
  • 1 - Enclosureless
We're about a day behind with the shows, so last nights is today's. Tonight's show might get done tonight, it might get done tomorrow. Its just crazy.


Anonymous said...

Listened to this all the way through only to see if ferries (cross-channel or otherwise) would be at the top of the list, but I guess they're not too common in Iowa City.

They're at the top of mine.

Sam Smith said...

totp would be so much better with 2 feeds, explicit and disney-friendly.

Anonymous said...

Should this particular show be called Top of the Plops then? ;-)

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Was there really a top ten or just lots of number ones and number twos ??

Anonymous said...

Or was it a straight flush??? Or even, as the director might have said: "It is in the can"...?

Wild Mood Swings said...

Great Podcast , as ever you are the zaniest podcast ever.

Pure Listening Pleasure

Anonymous said...

bazza, here in Grease (sic) the fastest broadband you can get is 1MB and that costs fifty-five quid a month - AND they describe it as super-fast!!! I have 384Kb (about 30 quid a month) and I am weeping into my retsina :-( Enjoy the new speed :-)

Anonymous said...

Kenya is NOT all of Africa.....

Worst place I have ever had to use the was in England as a matter of fact (a dirty smelly public toilet in London).