Friday, March 03, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Dining Faux Pas

Social elite member Geoff sent us his top ten list of things you shouldn't do at the dinner table. He just emailed with his list and we read it out:-

  • 10 - Complaining to the French
  • 9 - Cutlery
  • 8 - Tipping
  • 7 - Table things
  • 6 - Belching or worse
  • 5 - Greedy
  • 4 - Wine tasting
  • 3 - Bill spliting
  • 2 - Slurping
  • 1 - Smoking

Issue 2 of PodcastUser is out and features an article that Jon cut and pasted from his website wrote especially for the online magazine. This is a free PDF available to download and features stories for geeks podcasters and people with nothing better to do on a Friday listeners alike.

Site :

Direct download : Podusermag-issue2.pdf

Is the sound quality ok? We've been getting mixed reports from listeners - let us know what you think on our comments board please.


LEM said...

There's a great picture of Jon in Podcast User Magazine, too! (at least I think that's him...)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon and Rob!! It's Rebekah from Kentucky. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sound in today's podcast. Keep up the good work! Keep up the good dining!

Top Of The Pods said...

That strange coloured sickly looking grinning scruffy tramp is Jon alright. He's going through his Sgt Pepper phase...

sail said...

Hey guys, I like the new layout!

GiantKillerMantis said...

Here's a hilarious top ten, sadly not suitable for the show:

Maja said...

Nice new graphics, guys!

Anonymous said...

I personally think the audio quality has decreased somewhat, the sibilance seems to be a lot more obvious than on older shows, you changed your setup recently?

On a sidenote, i went to LAPE and thought the whole thing was amazing, hence the subscription to top of the pods.

Jes said...

The sound is a bit off, but this is THE FUNNIEST LIST I'VE HEARD IN A WHILE. You guys were definitely back to your 'rare form'.

Now that music clip you're planning to use during the show, Oh My Dear Rob & Jon. You may cause someone to crash while driving if you leave it 'as is'. It's funnier than listening to James 'BROWN' in person, or any Eddie Murphy SNL skit (i.e., The James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub). "Oh I almost wet myself" and woke the house from laughing and screaming.

Geoff needs to send in more lists!!!! Can you hear Rob's complex coming to head? It sounds as if he's squirming in his seat waiting on a dentist's drill.

I just love it when you guys show you're human, and that 'stiff upper lip starts to quiver'. However, I do agree with not eating flesh steeped in its own blood..gross. Better yet, just get rid of the meat and fill your plate what G-d intended for you to eat in the first place.

Waiting for the 'James Brown' theme in the near future.