Wednesday, March 15, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Rob And Jon Wonders

Looks like we are over the worst of the server problems from Blogger so on with the show. This is a terribly bad self indulgent show today, but Ben emailed us with ten questions about ourselves so we thought we'd make a show out of it:-

  • 10 - Does Rob own a Mac?
  • 9 - Does Jon own a PC?
  • 8 - What music do Jon and Rob listen too?
  • 7 - Who's idea was it to start the podcast?
  • 6 - Will Jon and Rob ever manage to make a weeks worth of podcasts?
  • 5 - Will Jon ever work out how to use the jingle machine?
  • 4 - Is Rob a lawyer?
  • 3 - Will Jon ever lose his passion for trucks?
  • 2 - Can Jon and Rob break dance?
  • 1 - Does Rob have a wife?

Any more questions you'd like us to answer then pop them in the comments board on the site.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorites lists ever!! Great to learn about the history of TOTP and the WONDERS of Rob and Jon.

bryan-in-greece said...

What an excellent show!!!! It is great to find out a bit more about Jon and Rob - it is strange to have been listening for what must be about a year now and to feel you know the lads and to then find out a few more snippets about their lives! I was listening on wireless headphones out on the balcony while barbecuing sausages (as I often to while listening to TOTP), and the neighbours across the street must think I am some crazed loon, as I keep roaring with laughter for no apparent reason... :-)

Anonymous said...

yeah really great show

the anonymous stranger

valrossie said...

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