Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Make You Feel Sick

Don't even attempt to listen to this show while you are eating, as today Paul Nicholls joins us via Skype (excuse the quality) to list his ten things that make him feel sick:-

  • 10 - Putting your fingers down your throat
  • 9 - The thought of the smell of cheap hot dogs and burger smells
  • 8 - The smell of old people's homes
  • 7 - Seeing poo
  • 6 - Body odour from a co-worker
  • 5 - Too much booze
  • 4 - Seeing someone eating bogeys
  • 3 - Gory films
  • 2 - Too much of any food
  • 1 - The smell of (and hearing / watching) someone else being sick


Anonymous said...

when an older woman still dresses with the times(like she thinks she is young and hot...)

Jes said...

THIS is a CLASSIC! I was sure Rob would run for the toilet, but he held it down. Podcast Paul's list rocks (especially the train story at the end).

My worse...finishing a good meal then having a funky Pittsburgher wreakin' of cigarettes and the local cheap-water-beer.

As you get older the scenses, brain and tummy are getting weaker. I used to watch a movie called The Many Faces of Death and laugh at the monkeybrain delicacy. Now? forget it! It's all the horrible pollutions that we share from cars, to rendering plants, and name it and crossing large bodies of water doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my GAWD! I don't think I've ever laughed out loud alone in my car before. "Come to Lovely Birmingham...Poo in Every Doorway!"


Grant - Three From Leith said...

The funniest show ever - I made the worst ever fool of myself on the bus with this one; I was crying with laughter - my face was scarlet, tears were rolling down my face and I actually had to hide behind my hands and stop breathing as I was letting out weird squeaking and snorting noises whilst trying to hold back laughs and breathe at the same time.

A classic - I arrived at work looking red, bleary eyed and tearstained, but incredibly happy and upbeat !

I'm starting to snigger and chortle even now just thinking about it again. The 'porridge helmet' description was priceless.

Paul's deadpan delivery just made it all the more pant-wettingly funny. Glad I have strong bladder control, that's all I can say.