Thursday, March 23, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things You Hate To See When You Wake Up

There are ten things that Mexican Alex hates waking up and seeing, we recorded a show about it:-

  • 10 - No undies
  • 9 - Dead iPod
  • 8 - Monday
  • 7 - Pet eating stuff
  • 6 - Coat at drycleaners
  • 5 - Gas
  • 4 - Bad hair day
  • 3 - No milk
  • 2 - Paperwork
  • 1 - Alarm clock flashing 12:00

Want to send us an audio comment but you don't have the software? Then head over to (its like Flickr but for your recordings rather than your photos), press the record button in the bottom right hand corner, then save the comment into the group named 'topofthepods'. You might have to sign up, but you'll hear everyones messages at - we want to hear people respond to each other peoples audio comments and get an argument going - it'll be funny and we might just play it.


Anonymous said...

ph: thanks for that above link. I love my 30gb video iPod, but the battery life is RUBBISH! Supposedly you get 14 hours of music or 2 hours of video, but I think it's less. There are lots of ways to conserve battery life (like not playing videos, HA!) but these replacement batteries look like a good deal.

Rob--get you a video iPod.

Anonymous said...

HEY all,

on i voted topofthepods 5/5 and it moved the overall rankings up 0.03, from 4.47 to 4.50. not bad for just one vote.

everyone reading these comments should take just a minute and go vote!!!

jeremy g

Anonymous said...

The detective show in question is "The Strange Report". A very good, if under-rated, bit of british detective drama. Terribly dated in some ways - but terribly 60's in a fab/groovy kinda way too :-)


Anonymous said...

In fact, I've mp3'd the soundtrack from my DVD :

Strange Report

Enjoy :-)


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

I have a few ipods... My 'new' 30 gig iPod Video (in White... Yup, old school is still cool) is fantastic! The battery life is so much better than my older iPods (I have a 2nd generation 20gig which gets about 3 hours of audio, and a 4th generation 40gig which gets about 7 hours of audio).

The 30 Gig video is smart, small, easy to use and a perfect device for audio and video (and the best thing is that it charges via USB, so when I am watching long videos I simply keep it plugged in, and of course one could also charge it in the car with a USB adaptor).

Anonymous said...

I've found my video ipod to be a bit iffy... Battery life is poor (5-7hrs), it's crashed (ie, frozen hard) a couple of times already etc etc.

I preferred my previous little no-name korean USB/flash one to be honest...

I really use the ipod as a removable hard-drive that happens to play music (as long as it's in a format Apple deem acceptable of course). No radio or mic/line-in either :-/


Anonymous said...

hey guys, great podcast.....dont see "your mother" on there anywhere though.

Anonymous said...

what is this? an ipod comment board or what? :)

Worst thing to see when i wake up in the itunes shows no new topofthepods shows for the day. that really sucks. also, have had a few bad "after a heavy night out and wake up next to a troll" experiences. glad those days are gone...

And by the way, not all of your listeners (the ones that don't have their own podcast) are 12 year olds. I'm 29, my wife is 27, and we love (and promote) the show in whatever ways we can (in the most non-nerdy way we can of course). Keep up the funny stuff guys. By the way, Rob, i have a looker friend that you may want to meet if you are ever in the states (east coast). she likes your pic and thinks you're funny. obviously she'd mad.

jeremy G

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Two points:
1. New iPod batteries can be bought at Maplins.
2. My no. 1 for this episode must be: Somebody elses bedroom when you don't even remember who the 'sombody else' is or where you were the night before.

Great show as always

Anonymous said...

hey - great show (again!)...made me laugh several times and many comments are so true. I can't believe Jon doesn't know what a Dry Cleaners is, where've you been, the 19th century?

thanks for the evoca link, I'll be having some of that for Radio Clash...and thank ye kindlee for the mention.

And I'm 33 in 19 days ;-)