Sunday, July 10, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Alternate Swear Words

We don't actually swear on this show - it is family friendly so don't worry! What a great list from Ben who sent this list to in some crazy Mac-only format, fortunatly Rob managed to call upon the vast library of PC software to read Bens list. If you want to help us out on then why not subscribe using iTunes? Subscribing using iTunes means that Apple will rank us higher in their top 100 podcasts, which gives us a little more exposure for those who haven't heard of our show before:-

  • 10 – Tool
  • 9 – Dipstick
  • 8 – Jeepers
  • 7 – Fiddlesticks
  • 6 – Shoot
  • 5 – Berk
  • 4 – Typical
  • 3 - Eejit
  • 2 – Fudge
  • 1 – Smeg


Anonymous said...

Just wandering what Rob used instead of OmniOutliner?


Top Of The Pods said...

Tried using some software for the PC called ListPro. Also has a Pocket PC version too. Great interface.

However they want some money after the trial version expires and it doesn't seem to have any OPML exporting.

Any help here would be great, I usually write software that I need but at the moment I'm too busy writing lists for the show.

If seems there are a lot of good Mac OPML editors out there. Any suggestions for an OPML editor for the PC (free would be nice) then answers on the back of a postcard addressed to


Anonymous said...

It'd be impressive if that worked...

Hmm postcard to gmail interface?


Anonymous said...

I always thought that Red Dwarf just made up "smeg" so they could say something on TV that sounded like a bad word. Like how Farscape made up "frell". Oh well. I think I can guess what it means. I like using English curse words. "sod off you wanker" just sounds funny with an American accent (at least a Southern one like mine).

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Yiddish cuss words are great, too. "schmuck", "putz", etc. We use them in America a lot, especially in comedies.