Friday, July 22, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Bad TV Sports To Watch

Podcast Paul from sent us his list of 'Top Ten Crap Bad TV Sports To Watch' to We had to clean up the title of his list slightly to keep our show family friendly, but the rest is safe:-

  • 10 – Bowling
  • 9 – Curling
  • 8 – Golf
  • 7 – Grand Prix
  • 6 – Volleyball
  • 5 – American Football
  • 4 – Skiing
  • 3 - Snooker
  • 2 – Ice Skating
  • 1 – Synchronised Swimming

We are both going to have the weekend off again, so either download some of our past shows from to catch up with, or just head over to for some more UK podcasts. Have a good weekend and stay subscribed using iTunes or using the Top of the Pods feed in iPodder - we'll be back on Monday!

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Anonymous said...


listened to the latest show and heard you mention that you may increase the frequency of the show.

I know you are thinking of doing this so you can keep up with the many requests you get from listeners and it's obvious that you love doing it but I wouldn't recommend the change because it will be even harder to make the show sound fresh.

Ignore me if you want (i wont blame you) but tis just some friendly feedback from a listener.

btw 500 listeners is loads - well done :D



Top Of The Pods said...

thanks geoff.
your humble opinion has been noted and set fire to.

just kidding. thanks for giving us your time to tell us what you think, without you lot we'd probably run ouit of stuff to talk about anyway!!!